Elegante in Golden Chersonese Media Hall, Maju Junction.

Monday, May 13, 2013

It was a great night :)
We are not just participants this year. Playing a role as one of the committee member instead. Appreciating everyone who made this event a success.

I'm touched while watching the video prepared by exco multimedia, and video from forth year seniors. It brought back lotsa memories, especially the time when we practicing hard for performance. I might not have done my best, but I'm proud to have them as experiences.

Unforgettable feeling. Looking at those cute little little performing, I don't know whether they do enjoy the moment to be on the stage or not, but I really miss the time when we have such a sense of achievement. :)

I'm too tired to blog that much today. Just came back from Intercollegiate Interaction Day and Im exhausted. Let the pictures do the talking~

Me braided


They are so funny

Minmin, me, Jiayan, Melody 

with Melody

I'm busy with making up haha

Don't ever say that you are not pretty, Melody. 

me, Stella and Peiyee

Here are the great emcee of the night, Melody and Jasmine.

 During rehearsal.
LOL why so serious?!

Loving my little dress of the night
Wondering... how many times can I wear it?

Priya and Farhah, we are in a group during PPPM food Fiesta :)

 Jiayan and Chien

Me, Jiayan, Minmin, Chien 

Retro effect.
Once in a year to dress up and make up like this I guess. Unless Im going to attend wedding dinner of someone who means alot to me, and of course... special occasion. But it's rare...

Me, Jiayan, Peiyee, Chien, Minmin and Huiwern

with Stella

with Peiyee 

with my lovely buddy Sow Ling
arghhh. Blur...

The one and only Indian girl in my course, Priya

Golden Chesonese Media Hall in Maju Junction. 
I like the lighting in the hall

My favorite double number 12! #tablenumber

Ceremony begins.

Prof. Norimah as the officiator that night. Charm of a woman grows with age and knowledge. 
She's a great woman.

 Failed LOL

1 2 3 4 5 6 

Vistana housemates loveeee

 who will be the queen of the night with best dress?

 Juniors performance

 Seniors performance
All the best to everyone of them, happy graduation :)

Lecturers are enjoying 

Nancy and ChiaChyi

Senior and also old colleague while working in Damansara as a teacher
such a coincident LOL 

3 generation buddiesss 

 pretty girl Jasmine

CY, the sweet girl and me

My cute vball team leader Kak Bibah

My camera run out of battery when the event almost end. I missed out a lot to capture this pretty moments with other coursemates. :/ Never mind you all stay in my heart. Gonna buy a spare battery soon...

Event ends at around 12. I managed to bring the card that I made for mommy to Evan, he's going back and pass to mom.


Spent time with myself after a night
Silence speaks when words can't
Staying quiet doesn't mean I have nothing to say
it can mean... I don't think you are ready to hear my thoughts

Stay calm and have a good night sleep.
Love my blog new music.
weeeee ^^!

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