The Blue Peter House

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

When I first met the cheerful energetic hosts of The Blue Peter House who surprised us with a passionate tone, as we were late for our estimated arrival time, the first thought that came into my mind was "Can I still be energetic like this when I'm around that age?"

Upon our arrival at the Station 3 Manoc-Manoc Boracay, Peter and Lang, the owner of The Blue Peter House welcomed us sweetly and that made me felt like being home. It was around 6+pm, the sun was setting and we were beating the hunger pangs along the way. The direction to The Blue Peter House is rather simple to follow, written nicely in Airbnb site. Thanks to Airbnb promotion code, it was a penny saving journey with good accommodation.

There're free juices in the fridge, and also free water supply, so sweet of them that they even thought of being a tourist the most important thing of a journey is sufficient water, especially in a place like Boracay where most of the time we will be under scorching sun - and that's lucky if there's sun or else there will be no beautiful sunset!

Sunset in Boracay

This is a very clean room, located sightly further away from the hustle bustle central of the happening beach with a lot of vendors and shops, but we are totally fine with it. So grateful that we can enjoy some peace and serenity after a long walk along the beach ♥

The Blue Peter House Boracay

Feel like home, isn't?
Peter was helping us with the safe-deposit box.

He is an English man who traveled to different countries before settling down in Boracay. What really makes him wanted to leave his own country and settled down in this little island? What is the courage of letting go everything and restarting everything again? I think it is not easy to make a decision like this. I was daring enough before, I mean before I got so caught up with the reality of life and the feeling of wanting to be attached closer with family.
That's the thing in my mind after having a brief conversation with him.

Well, you can never cross the ocean, until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

With Peter and Lang, owner of The Blue Peter House

We spent 2 nights here. They sent us to get a tricycle and guided us the way to the next stay before saying goodbye.

It is grateful to have someone treating you well without asking anything in return. It's hard to get one because life is all about "give and take". The only unconditional love we will ever have is the love from family. Never take it for granted.
I hope whatever I have done or whatever shits I have faced, it will not take away my imaginations and dreams, the belief in strangers in life (judge wisely), the faith in trusting the sincerity of a mankind. And for whatever great things happen to me, I will keep the gratitude in heart in mind and not to ever lose hope in it.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not. ♥

The Blue Peter House
0835 Sitio Angol
Manoc-Manoc Boracay Island
Aklan 5608

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