Giving credit where credit's due

Monday, June 03, 2019

Other than my parents and some good old friends, a few acquaintances of mine have helped me the most without me realizing it. I have to consider them as acquaintances because I did not really show who I really am - they see me as Shanice at work. Not the one outside of work - who could probably be nasty, indifferent, hot-tempered, impatient etc.

To my ex-boss, you are definitely someone who molded me to who I am today.
To my another kind of ex-boss, I also have to say thank you for being the one who made me understand the differences between a good manager and leader.

To all the new friends that I've met for less than 5 years, I treasured those with similar energy and surprisingly high magnetic connections, as time flows by and people come and go, I know it ain't easy to find someone who treasures you the similar way as you do. And it ain't easy to have the trust and have the willingness to put in effort to keep the relationship going in this fast-paced world. Even me myself lose that kind of sweetness.

To all my best friends that I've been keeping in my heart, held closely, I love you for feeling how I feel without me even saying it. I love how you show little sweetness to me with all the postcards (that I love collecting). I love you for accepting who I am.

I'm not going to forget about the people who have helped me along the way, and those who continue to help me now.

Thank you for being a constant reminder of how much the smallest of the brighter things can turn my whole day around. How can I forget to give a credit when a credit is due?

I'm the combined efforts of everybody I know.

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