Hello November 2020

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hello November 2020. :)

It is a tough year for me. Maybe... for everyone. Many impulsive decisions, overwhelming fears.
I should list down the things that I am grateful for, to remind myself that I am actually living.

So grateful for the people I have met. Though I still keep things to myself, I am grateful to have you all around, friends, family, strangers, even when I was physically present but mentally absent LOL.

March till May, 3 months of MCO, completely lost but still trying to find joys in the little things in life. Playing cards, cooking, exercising, movie-ing... So simple that I thought settling down would be the thing I want in life. And I slowly realized probably not.

September, submitted the research paper phewww. Thankful for the cracked version of SPSS, thankful for the companionship and supports from people around.

October, burn out for certain reasons, strong desire to make a non-impulsive decision but pushed me to a corner to think about the next step, "am I able to solve it, or I shall get myself out of the frame". Most of the time after making up my mind, then popped up another thought that I could probably speak up and fix it. Speaking up or setting boundaries is something that I am terrible at, I am still searching for progress, to be mentally tough and embrace the challenges ahead. It took more than a year for me to find a balance and the right way to speak up.

November, I finally made a move, but with a desire to wanting to make a final push. You are right, I am that girl who does not want to give up easily.

"Have faith and the rest will fall into place"

A reminder to myself re the law of attraction, your energy attracts what you want in life.

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