Cafe Blu, Bukit Bintang

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

我们每次都会用what apps里的group chat来联络。

所以就想说见见面... 可是见面不简单。
每次要见面,总要在group chat里讨论到天翻地覆,然后还要达到大家的共识,要配合时间,还要等待回复。总之,要天时地利人和啦!

24/5 booked Cafe Blu in Bukit Bintang, we met

Farewell to this girl 
Enjoy your life to the max in that 3 months!

Fishball LiLi Yap and me
Someone missing...
She has something important to do, so she couldn't make it.
next time yeaa :)

This cafe is actually located near the Bukit Bintang Monorail station.
Not as blue as I thought? and not as blue as I seen in the photos of review.
Overall, it's a very nice place to have a gathering with friends, if the air con can be turned cooler.
and I wish I can have more food choices. x)

Orange sunset with mint

Oh my favorite Beef Lasagne
DELICIOUS! love it so much

Crispy salmon steak with baked baby potatoes
nothing special, not that fancy, but it's still under quality control, yum x)

Fattening cheesy creamy pasta with chicken
Tempting! Especially for a cheese lover.

Aglio olio with big big prawn 
It's nice, but too oily for me.

Chicken parmigiana with cheese and tomato topping 

made a card for the 8po
Hope you will like it

里面写的 就保留吧
只要我有时间 和 节日的巧合
可能我觉得收的人 会快乐 不管是短暂的还是长久的

Dessert - Bread butter pudding
If you want to finish all, you better empty your stomach before ordering. Or... eat slowly!
Share share la. Best choice xD

Using camera effect LOL
See what is on the table?
someone went to Aus huh...
Thanks dear :)

Don't know when will be the next time to meet again
I wish I have my own car
hopefully I can drive before entering third year uni life
without a car I'm like a fidgeting sparrow without its wing
I don't want to keep depending on others when I'm in a urgent need to go out
one of the another reason is I don't like to give trouble to others

 It's Wesak Day, traffic jam die.
and I wonder why all the funny driver keep horning, even though knowing that it's useless to act this way -.-
Even the monorail station jamming.

See, cute snake. Cute python. =^^=

Happy wesak day 2013
May us be blessed always.

the procession

Pray hard, everything goes well.

::: Well, not forgetting to say, they have really nice service. Friendly :) 

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  1. Hi Grace, thanks for your kinds comments on cafe blu. We hope you and your friends has a good time. And look forward to seeing you again at cafe blu.
    James, Cafe Blu.


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