19.07.13 Penang Hill @ Owl Museum @ Monkey Cup Garden

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Getting lazier and lazier to blog. Rather spending my time watching movie now so bad.
But today... I keep thinking about that Penang Hill that I have been with my coursemates so I decided to blog about it again. Extremely dragged post. There's a lottt of places I have been and things that I have tried, but I don't feel like blogging anymore. Lacking of motivation... :( I want that mood again!

Talking about Penang, I miss laksa the most, seriously, coursemate Huiwern's mom laksa taste very nice. It just to my liking!
Begin with the morning spent in Penang Hill, just a 15mins walk from Huiwern's house. Not taking taxi... cuz we're fit enough heehee. Bought the entrance fee with discount price at RM 4.00, by showing student card :) Normal price for adult is RM 8.00 if I have not mistaken.

New stuff in Penang Hill - The Owl Museum

with JiaYan, XiuWen

 The Penang Hill railway

we reached!

Swing in owl shape loll

First place visited - Owl Museum
We din plan to go to this place, just coincidentally bumped into this newly opened Museum. *goodluck* ;)

There's signboard pointing where we should enter as it located in a quite hidden area, not sure any renovation until now.

Entrance to Owl Mueum -- RM10
with a little keychain as souvenir

 To be perfectly honest, I would just enter the museum once, unless there's any renovation or enlargement in the future. It's just a little bit out of my expectation, isn't that spacious, not as fun as I thought, and one and only thing that I love to do inside is wasting my camera memory card space, and act crazy with friends. The most important thing is... I don't have a head for historical stuff. LOL


Got label! lol. This is from Thailand.

My favourite of all, a warrior.
*be brave be tough be what you want to be* 

This is really a funny photo LOL

Look me in the eye
Understanding takes time

Hmm... Speak only words of kindness.
Do you think people could? Even me scold bad words when Im in short fuse.
Word is a powerful sword. I get hurt by words easily and I eventually understood that... how stupid to care about unnecessary stuffs. 
Just... choose only good things that is most important to you and take it to heart. 


Photo shooting sessions on the green carpet outside the souvenir shop, together with many many cute owl soft toy, since nobody care... ;)

[ Evan said Im a serious person. But when Im in a crazy mood I don't feel like doing normal thing -.-]

My favourite candid shot by Huiwern, like like :)

whenever I saw this kind of cute and special ring, I think about Tiffany, who love well-designed ring so much :)

Next destination... ...

Heading to Monkey Cup Garden :)
Never thought of going to visit this Monkey Cup Garden until Jiayan or someone else told me about that. It has been a long long time since I last came here even though my aunt is staying in Penang lollx.

We chose to walk instead of taking Hmm... Love this photo. 
*it's not about the destination, it's the journey that matters.* heee. 

Childhood memory

Spot that little froggy on the lotus leave!

We met a nice guide in the garden. She explained a lot to us about everything in the garden. So many info I couldn't remember much, I hate my failing memory -.-! 

Small species baby monkey cup, so so small and so so cute

a hybrid

We were told that this is the largest monkey cup in the garden!
I tot the width of the largest one will be like a trunk of coconut tree lol

Smallest species of monkey cup

Arggghh, geli

葫芦hanging up there

One of the farm guide bought this little scorpion out of the aquarium and he was playing with it.
Me let him put this scorpion on my hand too :)
Not sure whether it's poisoning or not, but according to our guide almost all scorpion species possess venom...
How can I dare to catch it?

The guide was feeding a Venus-flytrap with a pity worm

and the worm trying to run away!

We went down from Monkey Cup Garden by a car provided, where it's included into the entrance fee. I've forgotten how much entrance fee we should pay... but it won't be more that RM10.

There are some other activities in Penang Hill but we din go for it. Miss the weather there, fresh and cold. :)

Tea time!

I miss this laksa much much!
and that 红豆冰!

::: Went to Goh kaki after that, a famous designer cafe in the town. 
Feeling satisfied when looking at all the photos. Good night. :)

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