Rendez-Vous, Bangsar, with girlfriends

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ehh heyyy I'd been missing a really quality talk with them for quite some time.
Btw I have a gourmet girlfriend who is really good in food hunting. Nahh see honestly Im not the one.
We went to this French restaurant in Bangsar - rendez-Vous, which is really romantic that we have to dine with blurred vision on what we'd eaten. 

But I like the environment. Just that the food doesn't very well suit my taste hahaha. I guess if Im staying in France I will be having bread as meal all the time.

Nice photo taken using birthday girl Leanne's camera heeheee.

I was the last one who reached and what surprised me was this red wine. 
Ahhh I given my second time to have wine outside of home to you all. [my first time was with Evan and Tiffany in Huck's cafe I won't forget that. #lovemuahhh]

The taste not bad but I can't finish though lolll. *sip sippp*

Roquefort cheese? It tasted really different

This bread always my love especially when with soup - mushroom soup or any soup haha

Salade Perigourdine

 the cured bacon looks so raw so I didn't give a try

Guess what is this

Render-Vous menu
Soft pork blood sausage with mashed potato
Ahhh never try never know.
Blood! Not to my liking loll.

White fish stew with white wine sauce
yummm. Love the white wine sauce very much

ehh hehhh so cutie

*keep dining* *blahblahblah*
Applying listening and speaking skills.

love this duo chocolate dessert the most.

apple tart just nice

Here're the girlfriends...

Tiffany Vicky Leanne

I seriously out of words when I was with you all.
Im trying to be a special one who don't say ordinary birthday wishes but still Im saying that.
You know we don't meet very often. I don't really go into your life. 
I truly believe in fate and įž˜åˆ†
it's not that the person who you spent longer time with will be the best people who stayed in your life.
It's really great that all of us have dreams and we're supporting each other.
Thank you for helping me to get Owen Yap's sign.
Happy birthday Leanne fishball.

I can't read mind. But I understand mine.
Growing up is not so healthy to my spirit. Im still sentimental. 
My sadness can be hidden I know. or anything loll.
But love is not suppose to be hidden.

Cheer baybees.
Go go dreams.

Good friends are like stars. Don't always see but always there.

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