Day 10 in Vietnam

Saturday, July 25, 2015

25th July : It was my day 10 in Vietnam Saigon ady :)
It takes quite some time for me to get used to everything. I feel like a nomad here, been changing accommodation in the pass few days. The first stay was Eco Backpacker Hostel in District 1 that was arranged by the AIESEC OC team, and I went for short trip to Mui Ne for 4 days 3 nights and stayed in Duy An Hostel, then returned to district 1 and moved to Big Ma Ma Hostel which I think the price is better, and the current place I stay now is in Hung Thinh Hostel. I REALLY love this room that I found accidentally :)  Me and Dora got it at a really good price, spacious with big bed. The host is a friendly Vietnamese mommy cute little boy with her. I feel homed.

Back to 16th July: Thank to my buddy Jenna (the first familiar Vietnamese I met here) who picked me up from the airport, and I'm really hope to have some day to hang out together in coffee shop that we'd earlier discussed during our first skype session. Thar was my first time to fly alone, it wasn't a scary experience at all. I will not forget that auntie Betty with her ​​husband from Sabah who sat beside me in the flight, shared a lot of her family stories with me, and left her phone number saying that I can meet her in Sabah if I 'm there some day. Ahhh how good to still believing that nice people is everywhere.
The first team mate of Global Passport project I met here is Hui Theng, with other members of other project. I was alone in the room the whole evening since room mates went out, so I went to Ben Thanh Market at night, I thought I've some good bargain skill and I got myself a bag, but days after I went to more places here I found I was't LOLLL. Okayy I cannot be impulsive anymore. Other than frightened by the motorcyclists here for the first day, and I've a terrible sense in direction, I guess everything goes well. And it get even better when I met my mates muahhh.

I stayed in the park near my hostel for quite some time and the first meal I took here is McD LOLL this is crazy. But I was too hungry to search for nice street food. Luckily one of my room mate came back that night, Charlotte the cheerful manja lady from China ehhheyy :)

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is really a crowded city

I already forgotten what I'd done on the next 2 days after my arrival, I think I spent most time to recognise some street, look for nice food, and 17th July was the very first orientation session of all of the interns from 3 different projects. :)

I'm in Farewell party team!
It's going to be held on 16th August and I'm looking forward to it very muchhhh :))

18th July: First Meeting up and first Task to be with some Previous GPers ( Global Passporter)

Ohhh I just saw YeeMun's fb comment and it made me thought of the night on 18th July, which I first met the her, Malaysian too, and her friend, from Ukraine. I really want to be as brave as them to travel all the way down from Hanoi to HCMC, stopped by at Hue, Hoi An ... and several places more. Probably a good company will be great, so shan just do not be shy kay. Anyway, first of all.. I need to get enough sleep so that I'm not so blur like now lollll.

Till we meet again Tsovinar, and Yee Mun who is sitting in the back :)

Every day everyone is a fate met

Wanderlust::: On the 3rd day in Saigon (19th July-22th July), the team started to plan for some place to hang out and we'd been to Mui Ne , for 4 days 3 nights. Hmm honestly it was not a good choice but everything is better with good company :)
I will probably blog about the awkward trip soon kayy

23th July-24th July: Grandma left. I will keep everything about her deep down in the heart forever. Love her no matter where she is and no matter where I am and I believe that she'll always be there with me ♥. Thanks to my dearest mates who accompanied me to Thien Hou temple and Xie Thien temple. Love you guys lots xoxo :)

Project started on 25th July, which was the first meeting up with all the GPers of the current season in Purple House, district 1; and that night was the interview day for the Global Passport participants in Think in a box cafe, district 1. Looking forward to everything!

Getting busier here and I really hope I have time to record everything little things that happened around me everyday. Blog soon!

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