What makes me feel alive :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

For the past few months I had been surrounded with love, blessings, and sweetness, graced with warm and lovely people around. And when life goes too sweet there comes some moment when I question myself, what have I done to be so blessed recently. Then sometimes Im afraid that all these will slip away. Yet.. I still holding on what I believe. Good things come when you are grateful and appreciate little things in life. Me and my friends... we believe that guardian angel is around us.

Time flies toooo fast. All that I can remember now are things that make me feel something, those that taken my breath away, and make me feel alive.

My job. Job must not be something that makes me stay, people do. I sincerely thanks all the lovely people around me, who taught me a lot, who makes me feel loved in this warm ambient. To my mentor, thank you a million times and no worries I will keep all you had shared to me in mind. I will be good and be better. :) And not forgetting the sweet girl who was sitting beside me and tolerated with my mistakes... and I miss her soft spoken voice now #whyyouleave.

5/5/16 it was Jenice birthday :) 

 14/5/16 I joined the first Royalty. 
And I appreciate all the chances given :)

I am not a person that can duduk diam diam lol (family described me like that). The feeling is indescribable when I did something that I don't believe that I will actually do that at first. Unexpectedly. Thanks to these bunch of people who lied to me that it was a short distance to reach the next peak of hill and pushed me to my max! A random decision to go deeper made our hiking journey started from 7am and we got out at around 1pm, conquered Broga Hill (not the first time though) and Bukit Tok Wan (this is killing me) without bringing sufficient food and water. I won't forget the choco stick, bubur kacang and coffee we got from the other hiking team saved us from hunger, and the stupidest thing I ever believed "5 minit lagi dah nak sampai" cuz it actually took few hours...! Anyway the feeling of accomplished was incredible when we got out to the land. :) 

Thank you guys :)

What is life without a little bit of danger hehee. 

And I finally made up my mind to get a swimming lesson in swimin12.com. I had no idea what pushed me... but I feel so so blessed to be here, to be with the team here. :)
Check the fun team game out Archery Tag! Thanks guys for inviting me to join and that was my very first time. It was soo fun! #andigothitsomanytimes

Sister came with me on 21/5/16 #happyweekend and I love this place so much #calm

Went to Kuching in the mid of May. Thanks to Aliss who took good care of me. How can I live without hoping for a trip and travel to places around the world.

Happiness can be this simple. 

Foods. #homecooked #selfcooked

Love of family. The two little kids that Im currently staying with always do something that melted my heart.

 - He's my little valentine. He woke me up from nap, asked me go downstairs for dinner twice, when I said I'm not taking dinner... he showed angry face (it means cute for me) and said "No, you come down" "keep for you". And when I'm sitting at the dining table, he took a plate and put it in front of me. What a little surprise he did. AHHH I'm melting. ♡ So my simple life goes like this, with ‪#‎littlelove‬. -

Friends. What is life without all of you.


A random promise is otw to be fulfilled in 2 months, I am not alone cuz friends are doing this with me. :) #gogofighting!

Shall I say that taking selfie makes me feel alive?

What continues to motivate me at this point is not the idea of being the best anymore. While I'd love to think that there's someone will walk the path with me to bring out the best, I find that what keeps me going is the little joy created every single day.


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