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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hello 2017. Time been passing really fast and I haven't even blogged about a few of my awestruck happenings in 2016.

So what stamped marks in my heart were... summed up in this blog post - even though it's actually more than that.

I was in a corporate world for like almost a year and there are still some other things that triggered my curiosity where I gonna try and explore. It had been a great experience with so many chances of meeting up amazing people. Those learnt will never be wasted. While life has ups and downs, there're still lotsa little things that injected me doses of positive vibes little by little every day. Still, I'm looking forward to all uncertainty that I'm gonna face sooner or later.

Those opportunities that allowed me to open up to any adventurous things made me felt the sense of accomplishment. Well, no more bravado, just be brave. What is life without a lit bit of danger. I mean... just a lit bit. No worries, dad and mom. I know you only have 2 daughters.

I understand myself better now. I can tell the reason - it's really boiled down to NY who always asked me 18394629848931 questions and sometimes it's reallyyyy annoying. Okayy we really don't have to agree with each other. But we must have meaningful discussions to have a healthy exchange of opinion. That's how we learn.

I went to Medan Indonesia with unimates. It was really an amazing one. Surprisingly, it turned out to be moreee fun and joyful that I expected - best things happen when you least expect it isn't? Thanks to Izzati who recommended this! Soo those unplanned plan sometimes gonna turn into the best one. :) It gonna be a really longggggg blog post for this Medan trip.

I joined the biggest group, including both mom's and dad's family. travelled to Pangkor. It had been sooo long since our last family trip. And it was even better with NY around. Sometimes I'll think of grandma. And I wonder, what is the biggest wish she wants to fulfill before she leave? Maybe just be there and see how her next generation having such sweet time and still close and peace despite not seeing each other very often. It's the connection in the heart. I'm really thankful for this.

December will always be my favourite month. 
I had the first ever birthday surprise from my jimuis on my 25th birthday, in a calm and beautiful place, Soho 2 Empire Damansara. [As we always postponed or make it earlier for celebration lol]. I love the view in the shot up there. So much. [Was taken after Tiff, Sharon and Leanne left.]
So I am officially 25 but please consider me as 26. I hope my age state otherwise lol. As we grow and grow and grow... then we gonna realise... whatever frivolous arguments and fights we had when we were younger... are a sign of showing how much we been cared for each other, and the bond just goes stronger and stronger despite all that heart-wrenching moments. Someday, we gonna talk about those old stories again and laugh at them, knowing that no matter how many differences we could have, it's all about acceptance and understanding. The bonds gonna be firmer. Love you guys xoxoooo :)

My mom gave me a not-so-successful surprise on my birthday too. Still the best one, mom. Thank you for the cake which is pre-booked, and all the way down from hometown. Dad I shall be your driver soon.
I made the same wishes as I made every year. I want them all to come true. #paramount
Mom, I really love that you were pushing me out on this special 31st December. #decemberbaby #nonotgoingtosaymuch #Ishallshowyouthen

I had the second #nnlyluv vacation in Awanmulan. Thank you for all the efforts you put in. Do you know that you are the reason of my 2016 being more than just nice? Even though there're also rolled-eyes moments. #annoyed No matter how, I am so glad that you walked in and stay. Love you lovee.

Not forgetting the sweetest video I ever had. Thank you dear vip friends! I'm soo glad to see everyone in this way. :') I know its gonna be harder and harder for us to meet each other. It will be good enough to see you all popping out in social medias, having good life (good or bad doesn't matter, it just gonna be better). Those paths that we walked together will never be forgotten. Till we meet again someday okay. ♥ And, thank you NY for collecting all these videos.

Bye 2016.
People been asking... Where have you been? You're having such a good life! What are you doing?

Candidly I'm having the same ordinary life like everyone, especially those living in the city. 
Try to sleep early at night and struggle to wake up early in the morning to avoid getting caught in the jam;
8-5 or 9-6 or even longer; 
have a long list of to-do-items in the phone (it used to be in diary); 
think of 'is it right to do' or 'am I making the wrong decision';
scroll on social medias and think of 'Gosh why their life so funnn. She is on vacation again! Where they went? Wow she is achiever...
But no one has a perfect life. Not even the one who constantly posts awesome beautiful shots in social medias. 

One of my favourite quote of the life is - looking on the brightest side is a choice. 
Anyway, it doesn't mean I don't have those moments where the light dimmed and thunderstorms hit. It breaks us down, makes us cry and hold grudge. 
It's really normal. But after that, do something. Distract yourself from that onebadmoment. I will withdraw from the situation, read something, eat something, watch something, or complain to someone close, and at last... when I recall that onebadmoment, I'll feel that it's just a trifle in life. When mind got calmer, I'll start to try sorting out how to move on from such problems. Solve it with the people who involved, share feelings, fix them. (I tend to runaway in the past. Mistake.)

Sooo... hello 2017.
While making time for people that I love,
I look forward to completing those that I want to do.

This is shared by Eliz. 
And it gonna be my #qoty. :)

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