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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Recently I got to know something called RPEL (Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning). It is the process of recognising your knowledge, skills and experience that has been gained from work experience, life experience, formal and informal learning.

I find this very helpful especially for people who is experienced with high capability, but deem to be unskilled by employers;
who ventures into the field that is not very related to their field of study;
who explored into workplace without a qualification, but had learned and achieved something, have had several skills, knowledge and experiences.
If we have these work experiences we definitely deserve a nationally recognised qualification to gain more career advancement isn't? It definitely can provide more opportunities with enhanced qualification.

There's always a debate between what's more important: qualifications or experiences. No matter which side are you on, it's important to know that our desire employer needs these documents to assess weather we can excel in certain position. Even when we believe the capability of a person worth more than just a signed paper.

Have you ever thought of converting these learning outcomes into a nationally recognised qualification, so that all the skills, knowledge and experience that we already have can gain a formal recognition?

How much we have to spend on this?

RM 5000 (sponsor: HRDF financial option); topping up RM 1000 for competency gap training, if needed.

How long it gonna takes?

1 month, if documentation and assessment is successful. THAT'S FAST!
2-3 months, if you have been identified to have competency gaps, as you will need to attend a 5 days training.

How much I have to sacrifice to get this?

We always appointed to complete a lot of assignments when we're in college or school. When we go into work, there're also a lot of workplace-based versions of assignments produced, but the different is, what we did in workplace covered most of the practical and theoretical learning outcomes.

Is this Diploma recognised in Malaysia?

This Diploma is endorsed and recognised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Human Resources Development Fund.

Is this Diploma recognised outside Malaysia?

This Diploma is recognised overseas. NCFE is a recognised awarding body under Ofqual, a qualification, assessment and examination regulator in the U.K.

More information:

Something beneficial for your lifetime.

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