Night in Singapore & Park Royal on Pickering

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Whenever I wish to go for a safe night stroll at night, Singapore comes into my mind.
Back in the early of August, I had a short escape to Singapore while NY actually went for work. With an urge to search for something new to sparkle up this hectic life I was determined to runaway regardless. I actually quite enjoy this hasty decision in planning an impromptu trip yayyyy.
Spent a few night in Park Royal on Pickering, the Chinatown is so near, MRT was my main transportation and I spent most on it goshh. #whtnotfood?! Influenced by the morning person NY I tried to wake up early so that I can see the sunrise but well I always failed. Nevermind the night looks glamorous as well. ;) #nightperson

Definitely a must visit site when staying in ParkRoyal on Pickering - the infinite pool, not a huge one but it's sufficient to make one replenish from a burnout day.

I have had the best eggs benedict at Lime Restaurant @ Park Royal on Pickering, the chefs deserve lots compliments! The ambiance in the morning made me wanted to stay longer, just to be surrounded by all warm-hearted servers and good smell of food.

This is really good!

Tried a few type of cheese, Emmental buttery taste too strong, Tomme de Savoie a lit salty, Boursin is good. Breads and yeasts are loved. ♡ Boursin and guacamole with smoked salmon on the ciabatta are the perfect match. :P

Here is the Chinatown when night approaching, never in peace.

I was really blessed to have some cousin brothers in this city. My last day dinner was at Bonchon Chicken @ Bugis with them yumm.
Marina Bay Sands, the LauPaSat and the Republic Plaza were the places that I remembered the most when I was with NY. Long walk after a hectic day, dinner in LauPaSat twice, had special dinner and dessert in Republic Plaza because he found it good.

Love Singapore at night the most.
Especially walking around by Marina Bay Sands. And especially when it was with you.

I'm craving for a perfect egg benedict again... probably you can make some?

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