Birthday in Boracay [The Ruf Resto Bar]

Sunday, November 19, 2017

As we both, me and bf intended to go the budget way of traveling in Boracay this time, choosing a good sumptuous dining place with comfortable ambience aren't of our top priority. Anyway, I will never regret my choice for choosing The Ruf Resto Bar to celebrate Norman's birthday and that was our best fine dining place with awesome foods during the journey!

First of all, planning a surprise birthday celebration in a foreign country is definitely a challenging thing. I did once with my girlfriends in Phuket Thailand, it turned out so well and the feeling of successfully surprised the Scorpio girlfriend was incredibly happy! If you have some Scorpio best friend you gonna know what I mean hmmm.

So bf is a Scorpio with strong intuition too I couldn't lie.
I started with communicating with the hotels, to know will they be able to set it up when the clock strucks twelve. They couldn't help with it but did suggested me some places to get nice cake.
- Quency Cakes & Pastries (D'Mall)
- Lemon-i Café and Restaurant (D'Mall)
- Cafe Del Sol (D'Mall)
He chose Mango Cheese Cake from Cafe Del Sol and that wasn't a wrong choice. This was the celebration in the morning of 28th October. I guess he thought this is it, nothing else.

And then I communicated with Ms France from The Ruf Resto Bar, from booking a table till planning for a small surprise. I didn't expect other than having her to help in preparing a card for Norman, the staffs there surprised both of us!

Sunset view from The Ruf Resto Bar, located at the roof deck of Ferra Hotel Boracay
This is one of the reason I chose here. The Sunset ♥ at 6.15pm.
The Ruf Resto Bar
That colour after twilight
The Ruf Resto Bar

There was a few eyes-rolling time when he kept asking why I used phone to text text text all time. Nooooo I was actually communicating with the person in charge oh goshh.

The Ruf Resto Bar cocktail
They served special-crafted cocktails.
There was a promotion buy 1 free 1 for certain beverages, we had Mojito.
Love the combination of rum, lime, soda and mint.

The Ruf Resto Bar Menu

The Ruf Resto Bar Menu

The Ruf Resto Bar
Nasi Goreng is definitely not a hype
This is the Indonesia fried rice, never regret for getting to try this. It may look simple but the taste states otherwise. Yummm! The portion is so huge that we got to make it our lunch the next day.

The Ruf Resto Bar
Crispy Kare-Kare
Kare-Kare is one of the classic Filipino dish - crispy pork and beef cutlets with vegetables, not forgetting the peanut sauce and shrimp paste that make it so special. Worth a try even though I am not a fatty meat lover, the lean part is real good.

The Ruf Resto Bar
F Wings, the signature chicken wings
 Ohh the sauce covering it is the perfect match.

And then, before finishing the last bite of the wings, the staffs surprised us with birthday songs and a cake! When bf insisted that he doesn't want a cake (we had it twice in a day) I was like "Nooooo". But the sweet staff served it anyway! Love the cake so much, the combination of chocolate and banana was reallyyy good. Thank you for the quick response and heartwarming arrangement for Norman's birthday. :)

The Ruf Resto Bar
And surprise!

I knew this is a successful plan when I look at your face.

By the way where did you keep the card, Norman?

The Ruf Resto Bar
This is good!

Always have room for dessert. If my stomach able to fill in that much amount of food, I would have want this to be all mineeee. Thank you for serving this, Ruf Resto Bar.

Appreciate everything from all of you, couldn't be anymore grateful to have such good foods and lovely service, even set up an air cooler besides our table. :)

Check out their Facebook
The Ruf Resto Bar
+63 917 680 9140

I believe in the law of attraction. 
Is like when I feel gloomy I couldn't find lucks. 
When there's gratitude there'll be time where we fortuitously meet up with lucks and happiness.
And that happens when you least expecting it.

Older and wiser, love!

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