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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

So, let me tell you something.

I would want to jot down the feeling of starting something, it's exciting, even with all the unpredictable direction. Well, let's just say we spare some time to do it because of interests. If it's something that makes you happy, why not?

So, me and Nancy, one of my foodie friend, the glutton, and also the dietitian, we decided to write stories about our food journey. It's called, Food Story MY. (Instagram: I just realized the first letter of this name... F = Foo and S = Shanice.

There're soooooo many food reviews out there by all the awesome food bloggers. Well, we would want to be one of a kind, which is to review good eats and discover the healthier food choices in a menu, or includes practical nutritional advice in each post. 

It started with Instagram. Let us tell you a story. :P

Founded by two ladies driven by the love for food and photography, we are more than willing to spend time exploring good eats and discovering the healthier food choices in a menu. After all, it is in us!

But yeah, we are still newbies in this vast world of food blogging via Instagram and Facebook.

We have our day jobs (which feed us 😂), however, the one thing we absolutely shared is gluttony – we love food and nutrition, we find happiness in it, at the same time, we advocate mindful living.

It's a space for us to tell our stories about food, cafes and restaurants in Malaysia, mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Once in a blue moon, we cook too 👩🏻‍🍳

We hope that this profile would be an enjoyable and useful read for you and in the process, we will keep going to be better. And, keep eating!

Happy following! 😋

Check us out!

By the way, the world is never in lack of dreamers.
If you try to understand what one wants in life, he or she might be hesitated to share with you. Probably because even though there's something that he or she wants to achieve, it's tough to turn it into a clearer path, as it's not easy to know how to start. And it's not comfortable to tell, even to close friends or family, not to mention strangers. As time goes by, we then become more anxious about the unspoken dreams. And then, as time goes by, we become so committed to the monetary reward from our day jobs. We will have our family to feed, our car petrol to fuel, our housing loan to pay.
Yeah, someday. But not now. Keep going after anything that makes us happy.

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