Farewell: 2018

Monday, December 31, 2018

My thoughts deserve a decent place to live.
So here it is. :)

Let me do a summary about my 2018 which is going to end very soon, but everything happens in the blink of an eye. I now really feel that it is useful to spend some time to constantly manage my timeline with photo albums. 

Here are something that I'm grateful for...
- able to create and start the first nutritional modules in a weight management program with the Hotsport ladies, Carolynn and Chan
- conducted nutritional talks as a guest speaker, especially for the special needs children with Amnics and part of the Real Nutrition Group
- started nutritional writing, which is not easy because I never good at technical writing and it requires a lot of research-based evidence
- grinding into diabetes and nutrition continuously

- tried calligraphy class once, copperplate script with Nancy (it was in my to-do-list last year)
- had a lit bit of Toastmaster experiences at Mc Jo Academy, not long as I couldn't commit anymore, but it was great (it was in my to-do-list last year too)
- joined some volunteering activities
- finally made up my mind to further study

- travelled to Pulau Weh (Sabang), Indonesia
- enjoyed days of me-time in New World Hotel
- travelled to Hua Hin with my big family, grateful for the time spent with them

- gained important mentor that keeps me going even though the communication is little
- continue keeping in touch with people who matter a lot in life
- the pacemaker works well for the lovely someone

Part of my travelling journey: Before the entrance to the Gua Sarang, Pulau Weh (Sabang), Indonesia 

Part of my travelling journey: View from Titik Nol Kilometer, Pulau Weh (Sabang), Indonesia 
Part of my travelling journey: With this bunch :)

Something that I'm grateful for: Conducted nutritional talk for Special Needs Children

Something that I'm grateful for: Maybe I should consider about continuing the program

Something that I'm grateful for: 4 classes 1 exam in a month and this shot showed everything *happy*

Not forgetting about those that keep me alive...
I continued yoga class till early of July, and decided to stop because of scoliosis and lower back pain.
I went for radiography and it was surprising to know how spine position can change in 7 years.
So, then I was suggested to stop exercising for a while during the treatments period (including swimming).

It will get better. I was told it will never get perfect again.
Thanks to Dr Adeline Ho from Aligned Chiropractic Clinic for being a gentle and kind person.
Thanks my love one got me a Phiten support. #loveyou

I no longer hike, last I recalled were Bukit Chondong, Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, and the latest one was in Pulau Weh, Indonesia (I guess I can't even call them a real hike lol).

Bukit Chondong

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

Kawah Gunung Api Jaboi

I've been wandering and moving around like a nomad in the city since 2008, it's now 2018 but I still can't settle down. I guess it was just my bad luck to have a pervert staying with me in the past 3 months. To the weirdo out there, I got no intention to curse you but you're too bad. @#$%^&*^%$#@

I can't explain how I feel about the change in my life.

Anyway, December is lovely. ❤

Here're some bits and pieces of my December...
- Travelled to Hua Hin by bus and it was a 16 hours journey. I'm grateful for the time being spent with the family but not the bad experience we had.
Gosh it takes days to tell the whole stories, the experience taught me a lesson that:
Don't be an irresponsible person
Don't lie and don't cheat
Don't blame others for your own mistake
Don't be so arrogant that you forget to say sorry for the mistakes you've done
Treat your family well (including relatives) because they're your treasure

- Had a most wonderful and funny Christmas with family and friends cause we did Secret Santa game, I hope my receiver use the gift from me happily! HAHA enjoy them dear cousin.

- Gathered with people that I wish to meet and so blessed because I didn't expect the birthday celebrations #thankful

Last day of 2018 was just nice with the people I love.


I visited too many cafes and restaurants this year, while they used to spark my interest in jotting down what happened to my taste buds and my mind, hmm I got to admit that I've been overconsumed by trivial matter, feeding myself and thinking about words at the same time seem to be hard.
- Before that, we (another gourmand, dear Nancy @fooonancyy) created an Instagram page named @foodstory.my
We intended to make it grow and if there're any dietitians or nutritionists interested in collaborating, let us know :)

There're many decisions needed to make this year.
If I had my druthers, I would prefer choosing over what makes me happy instead of what feeds the pocket. Oh and part of growing up keep reminding you that it is not realistic and not logical to make an option without considering about living, I mean, to live in the world where money can really buy happiness.

I'm looking forward to the new year and new hope. I see fireworks during most of the festive seasons but the feeling is never the same as the one I saw during the first day of the new year. I walked out of the room when the clock struck 12 and ran down to the park next to me, the neighbourhood did the same and we all pray for a better year, filled with happiness, laughter, and joy.

Oh I probably haven't mentioned how saddening and depressing to know that scoliosis is happening to me. I have given up several things and for a certain period of time it changes my perspectives toward life - even more after reading "Tuesday with Morrie". But the world keeps moving on and I guess I don't have to hold on to that. All I have to do is to believe things will get better.

I asked my mom and dad, do you have anything to tell us in this new year?

Let's be healthier, happier!

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