15 Days

I'm in progress with this '15 days Make Over Your Life' plan together with the whole team from 食在 Nutrition Group started since 16th Nov. Was taking a break from counting blessings and now, definitely. I actually didn't finish reading one whole book for task No.12. And I only wake up at sunrise but didn't sleep before 10am for task No.13. :P

One of the tasks from the 15 days plan is to write a Thank You journal. If I were needed to write a Thank You journal... I'm not sure how I should start but here it is, I'm trying to be mindful about it.

First of all, I've got to be extremely grateful to my mom and dad and annoying sister. They've give me enough time and space to process my own thoughts and to work on my own things. Jane and I had a lot of good time spent in the kitchen during the lock down and work-from-home time. Also a lot of arguments. Ikr, I guess our cousins and friends already got used to our love-hate-relationship. Thankfully we're close to understand each other. Still stepping on each other boundaries sometimes but what can we do we're having the same blood. :/ One good thing is that we are forgiving enough. Like we all said things that we don't mean. 'Let's forget about it okay.'

I got to thank everybody for staying in my life and continue supporting me endlessly. But then one of my girlfriends Amnics written that she needs to thank her own self the most. And she replied this to me ‘先爱自己,才能爱你💓’。Couldn't agree more. 

Here is a big thank you to myself, for not giving up and working on getting back up on track. From taking up unknown challenges, entering new working environment, learning new skills, building relationships, finding peace and knowing what sparks me the most... it was a slow process. 

And another task out of the plans is to write down the things that you've been consistently doing for min 10 days. (I'm just going to skip the part when I was stuck with lockdown, because those things that I've been consistently doing were spending time in the kitchen, watching movies, taking care of my plants and decorating my balcony, work, sleep and only light yoga/stretch.) 

Sept - I've picked up inline skate and longboarding/cruising together with Jane. It feels good but the feeling of being so scared of falling down is pulling me back. Thankfully I have Leanne, another girl who enjoy skateboarding :P But I don't do this very often now.

Oct - I've returned to community nutrition, started to write again. Researching is taking up my time, so treasure the words okay :) And Lock down is finally over. That means the long time spent in the kitchen is over... I've returned to the office with the routine of 8-5/8-6 + traffic. Also started to spend some time with kids on Sunday. Check out My Art Studio, United Point Kepong!

Nov - I've got myself 2 bunnies baobei, named Simba & Nara. I created an IG profile for them just to record their growing process and their daily life. It gonna bring you a lot of funs and happiness. More at @bunny.furbaby! After spending so many months considering about it and I've finally made up my mind to bring them home. It is a life time commitment and I don't want to rush into it. You both are the reasons I want to be home.

Jane and I had 2 rabbits when we were younger, we watched them grow and gave birth to few little beautiful babies and we watched them died... My mom and dad were not being supportive when I wanted to get a pet because they know it is a strong commitment for a lifetime. But when they both finally met my baobei... I think my dad is being a really loving man because I was told he keeps feeding them unlimited time #myannoyingdad

Hello! We're Simba 小白 & Nara 小灰

Simba is an extrovert and he roams around the house once everyday and he is always in the mood for prison breaking. But Nara is an introvert who is always homebound and she is such a sweet and gentle lady. 

I'm returning to a routine life. I've found a few things that I enjoy doing, and that is making my heart grows fluffier. #nutrition #fitness #swim #musics 

And I've had a few days of truly living in the present. #morejunglesandbeautifulnatureplease? 💚

I am really looking forward to December and the Christmas. Can't wait for the annual gathering. Also looking forward to the countdown to 2022 already. Flipping the page of the last day in a year to a brand new year has always been a thing that I want to do every year, together with my loved one. #fireworks #wishes Before that let's just take good care of ourselves :)


#BeStrong #ToBeKind


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