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Hua Hin - Ratchaburi, Thailand [Part 1]

Before the end of 2018, I went to Hua Hin in Thailand, 5D4N, to be exact it is just 4D3N. As there are a few more places that I would like to visit, so I will return to this town again. It was after 4 sessions with Dr Adeline from Aligned Chiro to fix my back, I felt much better.

Some places that I've been:
[Part 1]
Alpaca Hill, Suan Phung, Ratchaburi
Baan Hom Tien Candle-Making House, Ratchaburi
The Scenery Vintage Farm, Suan Phung, Ratchaburi
[Part 2]
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Samut Songkhram
Santorini Park, Cha-Am
Mercado de Plearnwan (Vintage Village)
Surat Thani
- Khao Sok National Park, the Rachapahda Dam
- SiMana Farmstay for Oyster cultivation (You can really skip this unless you get a good tour guide)

Missed out (for the next time):
Garden of Uncle Black (Suan Nai Dum), Chumphon
Rajabhakti Park, Prachuap Khiri Khan
Coro Field & Moai Cafe
Pa-La-U Waterfall
Mrigadayavan Palace
Maeklong Railway Market
Cicada Night Market
... more night markets and nature!

It was a family trip and we all decided to go by bus - it's a 14-16 hours journey, not a very wise choice but it really doesn't matter now. #cantwaitforthenextbetterone

[Air Asia had started its new route to Hua Hin last year around mid of 2018, there's an option for tourists to go by direct flight instead of landing at Bangkok and taking land transportation to reach Hua Hin.]

Alpaca Hill
Located at the Suan Pheung district in Ratchaburi province of Thailand, with an entrance fee of 290 baht, Alpaca Hill is definitely a worth time spending attraction. This place has a very nice and relaxing atmosphere and the activities offered there are family friendly. We can get real close to all the animals reared (not limited to only Alpacas), almost all of them are tame and not afraid of human, except for the wallabies (I thought they're kangaroos but wallabies are small in size). Watching them jumping here, it is funnnn :)
I can't remember all the names of the animals, they are all cute, most are in small size.
Century-old tortoise, flamingo, cockatoo (parrot), prairie dog, pot belly pig, ferret, cute bunny and guinea pig and chinchilla, deer, marmoset, capybara, sheep, owl, peacock...

Capybara caught my attention. I think they look like a big size rabbit... with very small ears. 
This little one just shaved and Melissa is a brave girl
The Hobbit House
The Hobbit House with the little mischievous girl
It was a windy day, we are lucky as it's just a short drizzle
It's clean and the maze is well-maintained :)
The road to the entrance after watching a short introduction movie about Alpaca Hill

Hello little donkey

Part of where my heart belongs #crazycousins

Baan Hom Tien Candle-Making House, Ratchaburi
Stopped by for a short while here. This is a nice stop for tourists who are looking for a relaxing place, you can find all sort of colourful candles with different designs, and you can even do shaping of readily-mixed wax mixture. Shops are usually built from old wood, decorated with antique furniture and design, turning this candle-making house into a photogenic place.

Mom attracted to these antique, I think I should have a bigger house to keep all my old stuff right
Paying 200 baht and you got to shape this into any design that you like
It's an entrance to the washroom of Baan Hom Tien Candle-Making House
They always have clean washroom - and this is beyond clean
It's more like a showroom. So beautiful!
Baan Hom Tien Candle-Making House

The Scenery Vintage Farm, Suan Phung, Ratchaburi
It's December when we're there. The weather is good but it drizzled a bit. The Scenery Vintage Farm is definitely a good place for photo shooting and to spend some leisure time with family. There are some funfair-like games and few good restaurants or cafes, if I have more time I would love to have a few hours here, sitting near the window in one of the restaurants.
There is an entrance fee of around 50 baht for sheep feeding, we did not feed any.

With my favourite woman in life.

It is a little rainy day. The hay bales are all covered
Photo taken using night mode of Hua Wei P20 is so magical
Merry Christmas!

The Moon Hostel, Hua Hin
We stayed in the normal low-cost hotel, the hostel, and a low-cost resort during this journey, and my favourite place is this one - The Moon Hostel. It is a budget hostel, with bunk beds and shared bathrooms or toilets. It is not convenient for the elderly because there is no lift. Not suggested for those with big luggage because it's really challenging to carry them all the way up to the highest level. Anyway, the plus point is that the night market is within walking distance, as it located at the centre of the town.

Estimated cost per night: RM50 for a bunk bed, RM120 - RM160 for a double room

For the other 2 nights, we stayed in
D One Hotel - appx. RM125 per night for a double room (I think I can find a better place to stay)
Suanmaihom Resort - appx RM150 per night for a double room (No I will not recommend this ever)

Starbucks is just next to The Moon Hostel
There is a common area and we had our breakfast here.
I love you my sweet mom

The best thing about this journey is the time spent with those people I love in life.

Not forgetting some leisure coffee time with cousins at R&R. They don't call it R&R :'D

I gonna continue this part 2 in the next post before my memories faded out.

[Part 2]
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Samut Songkhram
Santorini Park, Cha-Am
Mercado de Plearnwan (Vintage Village)
Surat Thani
- Khao Sok National Park, the Rachapahda Dam
- SiMana Farmstay for Oyster cultivation (You can really skip this unless you get a good tour guide)

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Quick Update: Pulau Weh, Sabang, Indonesia

It was back in 2018.

I ticked off Pulau Weh Indonesia from my travel list with a bunch of crazy friends. It was a simple, small and restricted resort where we stayed for a few nights, it can be boring if I were here alone... totally not during this journey. Because there're 9 of us.

Here are some highlights and photos of this escape...
- Resort around Iboih beach (they know the diving location but I don't because I don't dive, I swim and snorkel LOL)
- Kilometer Nol (Titik Nol Kilometer)
- Gua Sarang
- Gunung Api Jaboi (4 kawah or maybe more)
- Waterfall
- Eat, sleep, talk, swim (or dive), have fun, repeat

View at the resort around Iboih beach upon our arrival was toooo awesome. 💓

Chalet for the girls, we stayed here for 3 nights
Eat like this most of the time :)

We woke up for the sunrise, but one of the morning the weather changed quickly. The sun rose at around 6.20am, that was rare for me to wake up at that hour. Able to practice healthy lifestyle for a few days because we actually sleep very early too 😂

Routine in the morning, waking up early for the sunrise
They dive. And those who're not diving...
We stopped somewhere near. So blessed that we're the only group stopped by here. #hopeitstaysthesame

Passed by Kilometer Nol (Titik Nol Kilometer), did not go up to the viewpoint but we had the most expensive Indomee at one of the eateries around there.

Kilometer Nol (Titik Nol Kilometer)

The craziest thought ever was to even consider about swimming across the sea (even though it is really beautiful) to reach Gua Sarang while the wave was strong with so much of uncertainty, and it's really far (2 young lads offered to bring us but "segala risikonya ditanggung sendiri"). 

What a view while walking down to the Gua Sarang (gosh this view, I want to wake up to this during the weekend - because weekdays is for works)

Resting somewhere near Gua Sarang. That's the limit for me because the entrance to the Gua Sarang is too dangerous
Thanks bro :) #foreverything



Blueeeee. :)

Repeating this for days: Eat, sleep, talk, swim (or dive), have fun

Love this shot


The third day was a short hike to Gunung Api Jaboi. And a waterfall, I totally forgot its name. 

I actually just wanted to be an audience.

A hike up to Gunung Api Jaboi was an unexpected one.


Oh ya, we get to Pulau Weh by van and ferry from Aceh. Our flight was from KLIA2 to Aceh.
Aceh was our last stop on the last day!
That's the place that hit by earthquake and tsunami in 2004. 

That's all from me.
I will read this post again when I'm old and forgetful. 

Love all these because they're in blue...

Blup blup blupppp


Where's next

A few more places in Indonesia are in bucket list yet to be explored 
- Yogyakarta
- Lombok

I will reward myself again someday
Time to strive

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