Thursday, August 31, 2017

Night in Singapore

Whenever I wish to go for a safe night stroll at night, Singapore comes into my mind.
Back in the early of August, I had a short escape to Singapore while Norman actually went for work. With an urge to search for something new to sparkle up this hectic life I was determined to runaway regardless. I actually quite enjoy this hasty decision in planning an impromptu trip yayyyy.
Spent a few night in Park Royal on Pickering, the Chinatown is so near, MRT was my main transportation and I spent most on it goshh. #whtnotfood?! Influenced by the morning person Norman I tried to wake up early so that I can see the sunrise but well I always failed. Nevermind the night looks glamorous as well. ;) #nightperson

Definitely a must visit site when staying in ParkRoyal on Pickering - the infinite pool, not a huge one but it's sufficient to make one replenish from a burnout day.

I have had the best eggs benedict at Lime Restaurant @ Park Royal on Pickering, the chefs deserve lots compliments! The ambiance in the morning made me wanted to stay longer, just to be surrounded by all warm-hearted servers and good smell of food.

This is really good!

Tried a few type of cheese, Emmental buttery taste too strong, Tomme de Savoie a lit salty, Boursin is good. Breads and yeasts are loved. ♡ Boursin and guacamole with smoked salmon on the ciabatta are the perfect match. :P

Here is the Chinatown when night approaching, never in peace.

I was really blessed to have some cousin brothers in this city. My last day dinner was at Bonchon Chicken @ Bugis with them yumm.
Marina Bay Sands, the LauPaSat and the Republic Plaza were the places that I remembered the most when I was with Norman. Long walk after a hectic day, dinner in LauPaSat twice, had special dinner and dessert in Republic Plaza because he found it good.

I love Singapore at night the most.
Especially walking around by Marina Bay Sands. And especially when it was with you.

Here's to many more years of craziness and adventures together ♥
I'm craving for a perfect egg benedict again... probably you can make some?
Thank you Norman. :)

Monday, August 14, 2017

A Day in Singapore

It was back in the early of August.

Singapore trip probably was the most impulsive one after the 2015 exchange journey - I made up my mind in such a short time. I'm glad that I could spend some time in venturing on the road, apart from visiting family members, also able to spend time with love one. This was one precious time with clearer mind following the adventurous trip to Medan Indonesia back in November 2016, and Taiwan with my family in May 2017.

There're too many meaningful events happening throughout the year. Things were shattered everywhere, so are my memories. Well, now.. I'm wishing for a better filter in my brain so that I can focus on one thing at a time. Very often I overwhelmed myself in many things and now I’ve learnt that I cannot do every single thing even if I want to. Learning to let go of some, focus on one, making of it the best version possible.

Speaking of this short getaway, getting nice food isn't the focus. Sight seeing or just wandering around via public transport sparked me the most, and of course, hoping that I can go as many nature parks as possible. Anyway two in a day - Hindhede (Bukit Timah Forest Reserve) and MacRitchie Park - I shouldn't have ask for more. #greedykills

Things with least expectation are always best. :)

Me and Xiuwen did not walk up to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, we turn left instead, and it actually took only less than 10 mins walk to get to the Hindhede lookout point. Surprisingly, there was only one uncle setting up his telescope, probably searching for some uncommon bird species.

We took the Downtown Line MRT and alight at Beauty World station, walked a little till we see the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve sign.

There was sunshine before the rain.

Uncle, are we disturbing? 🙈

 Hindhede Park is quite a hidden gem isn't?
 If the rain didn't hit the earth that time, we probably could have spend longer time there. 

Another one that we had been before calling it a day was MacRitchie Reservoir Park, one of the four reservoirs that bound Singapore’s nature reserves. Lots people strolling around, jogging, exercising, trail is ready. So many recreational activities can be done, both on land and in water (kayaking). Hmm all that I remembered here was a special dragonfly and some wild flowers along the way LOL. Oh ya not forgetting the wrong bus we hopped onto. HAHA thanks bus driver. How to get to MacRitchie Reservoir Park? Nearest MRT is Caldecott MRT, or Marymount MRT. Then take the bus (852, 855, 52, 74, 93, 157 and 165).

It was quite a pity that ION Orchard Sky 67th floor and Art Gallery are both currently closed for upgrading till October 2017. Always wanted a breathtaking view from the top! Anyway we had ourselves braced with books in the Orchard Library. It is a two-storey library located on the 3rd and 4th level of Orchard Gateway (beside 313@Somerset).

When you wish to be alone...

 The book title is love 

All designs in this library are amazing.
The librarians actually clean up each corner of the book, find no dust. 
Well... Nooo not for reading today lol.

We then passed through the Orchard Skybridge.

How could I not be grateful that there's someone having one off day.

Ohh yaa. Changi Airport has some cool places too. Other than the water lily garden (which is actually more for smokers), there is a Butterfly Garden located at Terminal 3 Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2. 


I got to say this again - Things with least expectation are always best.

Especially during travel time. Photos from website can be so so breathtaking and it can be different in own eyes. Just keep reminding myself that - it is an adventure, no matter what kind of weather I experienced and whatever views I can see, be grateful. With least expectation.
I'm keeping those little good things that happened out of an ordinary day. Who said Im always having a good time? There're emotions that we choose not to show and memories that we can choose to keep. It gonna be impossible to have no struggles in life. It also gonna be hard to hold no grudge. When realizing life is so short and no one knows who will be the one who leave us the next moment, why not letting it be a better day before falling asleep, rebuild the hope over a night and embrace the next new day. 

Alright till next time. :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cost, time and effort savings way to get a Diploma & Recognition

Recently I got to know something called RPEL (Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning). It is the process of recognising your knowledge, skills and experience that has been gained from work experience, life experience, formal and informal learning.

I find this very helpful especially for people who is experienced with high capability, but deem to be unskilled by employers;
who ventures into the field that is not very related to their field of study;
who explored into workplace without a qualification, but had learned and achieved something, have had several skills, knowledge and experiences.
If we have these work experiences we definitely deserve a nationally recognised qualification to gain more career advancement isn't? It definitely can provide more opportunities with enhanced qualification.

There's always a debate between what's more important: qualifications or experiences. No matter which side are you on, it's important to know that our desire employer needs these documents to assess weather we can excel in certain position. Even when we believe the capability of a person worth more than just a signed paper.

Have you ever thought of converting these learning outcomes into a nationally recognised qualification, so that all the skills, knowledge and experience that we already have can gain a formal recognition?

How much we have to spend on this?

RM 5000 (sponsor: HRDF financial option); topping up RM 1000 for competency gap training, if needed.

How long it gonna takes?

1 month, if documentation and assessment is successful. THAT'S FAST!
2-3 months, if you have been identified to have competency gaps, as you will need to attend a 5 days training.

How much I have to sacrifice to get this?

We always appointed to complete a lot of assignments when we're in college or school. When we go into work, there're also a lot of workplace-based versions of assignments produced, but the different is, what we did in workplace covered most of the practical and theoretical learning outcomes.

Is this Diploma recognised in Malaysia?

This Diploma is endorsed and recognised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Human Resources Development Fund.

Is this Diploma recognised outside Malaysia?

This Diploma is recognised overseas. NCFE is a recognised awarding body under Ofqual, a qualification, assessment and examination regulator in the U.K.

More information:

Something beneficial for your lifetime.

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