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Hi! I'm Shanice Liying Tan.

A nutritionist (BSc Hons Nutrition) who eats ice creams, cakes, chocolates, pizzas, nasi lemak; an occasional traveler; a memories keeper who loves the greens and the blues; a restless one who enjoys the adventurous path while trying the best to conquer every fear. Writing down bits and pieces that I've experienced during every journey makes me fully appreciate everything that happened.

A naturally curious person with many sided-interests - I photograph, I write, I swim, I hike, I cook once in a while, I do nutritional sharing through presentations and talks. A strong supporter of homecooked food, homemade bakery, DIY arts, or anything by one's own efforts.

I eat comfort foods. Trying to practice mindful living and mindful eating. Emphasize on taking merely vegetables, fruits, all the time... uh what a boring life. The most important thing is to understand the bottom line.

Also, a believer in looking on the brightest side is a choice.
What keeps life going is the little joys created every single day, and anything that makes me feel crazily alive.

This is an out of office's space


For partnership or collaboration, sincere talk or consultation, contact: shaniceliying@gmail.com

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