Swimin12 Sports Day 2022

This is the exciting day for all the swimmers!
This year I’m attending Swimin12 Sports Day as a participant, thanks to Mani the VP who convinced me to join, just enjoy the day he said. I was only a crew for Swimin12 annual Sports Day back in 2018, it was already so fun being surrounded by many cute little kids.
It has been really long while since I last joined any competition like this, so many butterflies in my tummy... And I had a down time the whole week before the Sports Day. Affected emotions, lack of quality sleep, I feel like withdrawing myself just 2 days before the Sports Day cause I can't even complete a 50m Freestyle during training. Isshhh.

It wasn't a good feeling on that Thursday night during training. Been reminding myself I really need a lot of rest and good food. I didn't want to give up. It is always about the mental control and the spirit and the strong will to continue moving forward isn't? *I don't always have a strong mental control so I gained inspiration from people whom I look up to*

So blessed that I was in a better condition on the exact day even though I had a bit of stomach upset right before I jumped into the pool. Fidgeting all the time. But the Swimin12 fun bunch definitely made me feels better with all their cheering. *thankful*

Wanted to keep my little record here:
13 Jan 2022 -
50m Breaststroke time 1.18
Freestyle time 1.35

19 March 2022 -
50m Breaststroke time 1.03 (Wanted to make it to 0.55 someday!)
Freestyle time 1.13

To remind me to keep going ☺ #atmyownpace

Photo credit to @atlas_shotz (not me in this shot)
Not sharing photo of me here because I look like a squirrel when I'm gasping for air 😶

Answering a few questions...

Where did I learn swimming?
Swimin12, PJ Palm Sport Centre

How's the coaches there?

How's the pool there?
Shallow to deep, water is warm, environment the best (But bring your own budget food after 6pm :P)

How much is the fee?
I'm signing up the plan of 8 classes per month, RM600 (prices updated since May 2022).
I did foundation back in 2016 (breaststroke, brief survival skills). Now I'm focusing on freestyle, butterfly. Still working on backstroke, I hope I have sensors filling up my body so that I can stay on the line when doing backstroke.

Where do I book a slot for public pool (without coach)?

A third place for breaststroke ❤ First WeiLin, Second Angelia, both powerful coaches

Till then.