Life in a nutshell lately


2 months left till 2022 flipped away. 

The beginning of 2022 was great, but a bit tough. Overjoyed with exploring new things, allowing new energy in my life... anyhow I've been trying to cut down distraction and stay focus. Something just won't change, like how much I love the water and the pool, how much I enjoyed spending time with the nature, how much I enjoyed letting the wind brushes over my face. I've really been focusing on myself and what I enjoy doing.

I really want to write down what're a few things that have been boosting my vibes better than before, in words (I'm still not very good in vlogging, yet hahaa).

💕I didn't know how the only small swimming competition that I've joined earlier this year change me but yes I'm more aware of the improvement, be it in the skills, or speed. I'm always #atmyownpace (sorry master coach Daniel Bego I can do nothing with your lessons... 😹). Just so glad that I managed to swim freestyle at ease now at tortoise pace hahaaa. 10 x 100m now at 45 mins!

💕I got myself a road bike in April and that's indeed a vibe booster... How amazing I'm surrounded by so many amazing and powerful souls. I did my first non-garden route mountain bike ride in Jan 2022, it was a 27km. And the story continued after I gotten my first road bike in April. Then... more stories to tell through IG definitely!

I'm less being bothered about achieving a new record now. I might be slow but I don't stop. My old injury causing me backpain pulled me down a little from time to time, that's okay I will slow down when I need to. Me now - I'll never want a terrible injury that's going to stop me from all the adrenaline rush anymore.

I've certainly gained a lot in 2022, also lost something along the journey. Been letting everybody around me to influence me with their energy. It's amazing yet something's still missing... And I am so ready to move forward and get over those inner turmoil that's making life a lit bit uneasy. This time, I will look deep down into my heart, refocus, continue to be amazed by the chemistry and real connections with the people whom I've channeling with. I wanted to say thank you to all the people who've been accepting me the way I am, forgiven me for the mistakes I've made, and guided me along the journey.

I know blog isn't a trend but it's a classic. :P