AIESEC Summer summary: A journey worth sharing for a lifetime [Global Passport]

Hello long time no see my dear blog :)
I had returned my pink robe last Friday, felt so happy to meet two of my friends, saved me from boredom for waiting so so long on that rainy day. Time fliessss... speaking of which, it had been 4 months since I left varsity life.

July, August and early September were awesome in Vietnam, mixed a little bit with uncertain feeling about life afterward. I always think it is great to step out of comfort zone and see beyond what more I can do and more about myself, but it was kind of *slapface* when you found out it's hard to be someone that you want to be or have been admired for long, cause everyone is unique, with different type of personality. 
I'm out of comfort zone, and also in the fear of disclosing all of me, might be feeling a little inferior in a crowd with so many great people. Well, I tried not to show, but some might feel.
Re-read the Sugarcube, and it was really touching to see all the sweet messages. I couldn't remember all the names, and I always know it's impossible to keep in touch so so close forever. Somehow, the experiences and the people I met are really great and I will never forget the summer in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam, the Global Passport (GP) project, and my trip way up to Hanoi.

Here's the highlight summary of my summer 2015...

Mui Ne trip 19-22th July
Spot: Fairy stream - White sand dune - Beach
Jojo named the trip to Mui Ne Vietnam that we'd been right before the Global Passport project in Ho Chi Minh City as "team bonding trip" and I really like how she called it. I guess we wouldn't know each other well without all the midnight talk, drinking time, card playing moment and the very famous 'have I never ever' game loll. This is crazy. It was too late to blog about every little things in detail about the trip which is about 4 months ago [lolll wth slap face] but looking back at all the photos makes me kind of thankful for having those crazy peeps who love selfshot photoshot candidshot funnyshot xxxx.

The GP ladies

The whole team

part of GP team
Charlotte, me, Jojo, Rado, Yannick, Elly, Dora

 when someone taken Charlotte phone...

Can it be higher?? Haha

My favourite jumping shot on the beach x)

Ho Chi Minh City 

Cho Ben Thanh

The post office [I found it sweet here]

The city that I'd lived

First Viet movie in Cinema without English subtitle [Im lost]

GP team

Classes - Think in a box cafe - with GP team


Gathering spot - Highland Coffee

GP season 11

Content meeting in Hoe Sen University

Amazing Race 30th July
Run all the way in Ho Chi Minh City except the last stop :P

Amazing Race team
Someone kissed the frog ewwww

posted a postcard to a newly wed couple in Central Post Office

dance with strangers in front of Opera House

The Turtle Lake and all :)

Shelter Day 2nd Aug

I think... I was in a Aladdin's Palace :)

 City Tour 2nd Aug
Tour around the city by motorbike, lost and found, eat and eat and eat :)) Cannot be forgotten cause it was my first time on a bike with another 2 friends. Squeezed.... and kept jumped out from motorbike when we saw police lolll.

The Cong Vien 23/9 park and the little great boy with us


Cambodia Border Run 3-5th Aug
Didn't make visa despite knowing I'll be there for more than 30 days, Malaysian did the same and take the chance to go Cambodia together without itinerary hahaaa.
What I remembered about Cambodia Phnom Penh... famous dish Fish Amok, US Dollar used everywhere, my friend's sling bag get snatched, tuk-tuk the main transportation... all the funny nights.

with Kelvin, Jojo, Elly for 3 days

Met my AIESEC manager Floyd, his project team,
and Hui Ching from Cambodia

All the photos with doves [I insisted loll]

I love candid ♥

 Outside the Royal Palace
The monument

This shocked me a little...

Farewell for Michael 6th Aug
Snacks, drinks, games, songs, swimming in the midnight, big bungalow, swimming pool and the angry face of Elly when she was thrown into the pool... more more more xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx shhh.

Ask me ;D

We walked everyday, I love the life there with this level of physical activity and never have sedentary lifestyle

Culture Day aka Global Village 9th Aug
Performance Link:
Enjoy the time we practiced the dance much!

Malaysia booth :) and we are Malaysian

Dance, shows, foods, souvenirs, booth and culture sharing

Monkey Island trip 11st Aug
Went to Monkey Island by ferry where the fare is only 3k Viet Dong = 50-60sen MYR *surprise*

Snatch thief award for you little monkey

War Museum Ho Chi Minh City 13rd Aug
Everything about... history.

Pub Crawl
When sweet friends around. :)

with Elly, Yvonne, Annie

Dora <3 <3 <3 Jojo

Sing some songs
Photograph by Ed Sheeran 
Wildest dream by Taylor Swift 

Farewell Party 16th Aug
First Sugar Cube ♥ 小太阳最感动了。Thank you I will be better ♥

Cao Dai Temple + Cu Chi Tunnel day trip 18th Aug
Girls trip ♥
Met a nice girl named Marissa from Germany, mixed with Singapore, a great model [realised afterward], friendly and 没有架子。

with Jaslyn, Jojo, Adeline and Elly

Cao Dai Temple

Cu Chi Tunnel so so small and narrow

Saigon Zoo 20th Aug

I still remembered it was Yannick who was so so interested in going to the zoo. -I am not. :P 

Favourite meal in Vietnam

Buzza Pizza - The pizza, pasta and rissotto that I'm gonna miss a lot in my whole life.

Banh Canh Cua 


Banh Mi & Pho

GP Farewell Day! 23rd Aug
Second Sugarcube ♥

--- Say you'll remember me
Say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams ----


Life after GP project... trip to Dalat 24-25th Aug
A place with weather like Cameron Highland in Malaysia but it's a small town with cold fresh air.

Rita, Yee Shen, Hui Theng, Kher Nee, Joshua, Rado and the girl we met during city tour, the cabin crew beside me :) Maybe one day I will be in the same flight as you? *daydreaming*

Nha Trang 25-26th Aug
Clean beach, small town, nice people around :)

the reason for my tanned skin

with Rado

Thanks for helping me to carry the bag, and get back my hand carry souvenirs that I'd left in the sleeping bus lolll [life is miserable Im miserable hahaaa]

He left afterward and my solo trip began...

Taken from the Po Nagar Cham tower

Thanks Na the local Viet girl who offered to bring me around Nha Trang city for tour, and the simple lovely lunch that she'd prepared for me *ahh unexpected goodness*!
Life is sweeter with kind people around the world.

Hoi An 27-29th Aug
Hoi An is a well preserved ancient town and both unlucky and lucky thing happened to me on that arrival day. Well that unlucky incident doesn't worth angry for, and the lucky one... I truly appreciate that. Glad to meet some nice people from China, I'm blessed to have know you guys.
Hmm I was a little 'slow hot' at first, I need more time than you think to share more about me.

Hanoi 29th Aug - 2nd Sept
Took Vietjet flight from Danang to Hanoi to meet Pei Yee. She brought me to her apartment, stayed with the other UKMians. Heyheyy we united. :)

with Pei Yee and Jia Hao

with Jia Hao, Xin Yi, Pei Yee, her host Le Bui

and MJ

Appreciate much ♥

Night tour with Xue Yi 大哥

Tour around Hanoi city with Yannick

The Old Quarter

I missed this Vietnamese meal very much

Ho Chi Minh City 2nd Sept
I returned to HCMC by Jetstar Airways, not a good experience and I will definitely read the rules and regulations carefully next time.
2nd Sept was The Independence Day of Vietnam, also the day I lost my phone, with all the photos in it, I shouted like crazy on the walking street right before the fireworks show began. I didn't cry but I felt like idiot cuz this wasn't the first time grrrrhhhh.
But I have them with me...
Xie xie ni men <3

I lost my phone on this walking street when I was about to get some drinks for us.
Bad bad bad... I hate the feeling of losing something that means so much to me.
But that's also the time when I felt sweetness from the sweet students... Hoang, Tuyen, Anh, Tommy.
Will never forget all the little things.
Hope you all doing well in life :)

Last day in Ho Chi Minh City 4th Sept
My last day was with Winnie most of the time. I tried to make Onde-onde but failed... and I couldn't get shredded coconut lolll. Then it became Tang Yuan with malacca sugar loll.

Hey my roommate for 7 days in Vietnam :) Couchsurfing time. We will have more stories to share when we meet again one day.

And here's my buddy Jenna who brought me to rent Aodai the traditional Vietnamese costume :)

Goodbye HCMC and my thousand kind of emotional feelings.

If you were to ask me what are the great things about this AIESEC exchange journey...

- I'd lived in a city where I know nobody. I no longer fear of losing myself on the way, I probably get a little bit better in remembering direction *not completely of course and now I realized two is better than one lolll*. - Being brave is not not being scared. It spite of being scared, still willing to go for it. - quote from Winnie hahaa.

- I felt the kindness. Whenever I feel like taking back some simplest act of kindness... I think about all the warm little things and helps that I'd received when I need them most. I came across with the quote "The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one, be one." Anyway, we need to learn to judge. But one thing that matters is... people tend to be kind to strangers that they do not understand, but harsh to people whom they are closer to. Ughh I don't like.

- I can feel my insecurity in an uncomfortable/whole new surrounding sometimes. I didn't get home sick anyway, as the time schedule were full most often. No time for me to be lonely and sometimes I need time to talk to myself lollll. Everything is so new that I try to be independent :'D I'd seen my weaknesses... that I need to change.

- I get inspired by so many people from time to time. Some of them are Malaysian, and some are young and passionate people from all over the world. I like our secret time to share about a lot of things in the room, I might look serious as what my roommate told me... but I can be really weird if I'm comfortable hahaa. Communication barriers might be the biggest fear for me, I tried not to be inferior which made me harder to share about myself, and now I will try harder.

- The cultural diversity is really an eye opening thing. I felt like I've traveled to more than one country... I know a little bit more about the countries where my team members came from, from the stories that they'd shared. Ahaha this is funny to tell lollll.

- I did stupid things that I don't want to share hahaaa. I get embarrassed with those memories but this is part of life isn't. No regret. This is what made me now. Now I know my limit, so I can take care of myself better.

- I miss them, those who matter. Friends, interns, students, the teams... but I truly understand that everyone is on their own path. I know... one day, when we meet, we will share things that we'd gone through, ups and downs, cheering for each others' achievements. Whoever stays in heart will not flow away by time and distance.

- Everyone has different faces where they chose to show. You may think I'm good now that I can enjoy life like this, but I have that imperfect part of me that I spent time struggling in it, stuck inside. Sometimes I tried to fit in to a situation that I might not feeling good at it. Withdraw if you're not happy, a friend told me this before. Do it if you're happy with it... yupp.

Well spent summer, everything kept in my journal, and heart.
Memories are sweet, cherish it.