Closer to the nature: View in Samosir Island, Medan, Indonesia

Out of so many globetrotters from all over the world, some opts for the urban space, enjoys being in the hustle bustle of the city crowds and shining light from skyscrapers; while some falls deeply in love with the peace and serenity found closer to the nature, least demanding for luxury stay or being a gourmand.

Partially a city dweller for now, I'm truly in love with the adventurous travel experience in Samosir Island. Thanks to AirAsia zero fare, I'd got return flight ticket to Medan with an extreme worthy price, which is only around RM100. :D

I don't really know where to go around Medan, this one of the largest city in Indonesia and also the capital city of the North Sumatra. Well it really can be boring if I spent all 5D4N in the city, without another 3 of my annual travel unimates. Thanks to my sweetie Izzati who had recommended me the right place to go, with reasonable price from a tour guide who brought us to hidden gems in the outskirt. 

It took some time for us to get used to this map, really. Ahh and now I miss the feeling of getting lost in unfamiliar map.

We landed in Medan Airport, Kualalamu at night after a lit delay of the flight due to very bad weather. Picked up by Joe, our tourguide for the whole journey, as all the places in our itinerary couldn't be reached by public transport. 


Spot his pity Toyota hurts so much. We can totally understand why it is so damaged after all the bumpy jumpy trip and someone vomited twice in the first day opppsss. He said he has to change his tyres in 2-3 months time. #ohwhat. Also spot the little number below the plate number which is the expired month and year of taxes. 


I couldn't recall what we all had during the journey except for nasi soto, or called as nasi padang. They almost served fried chicken and ayam penyet whereever we go. Hmm that's all I can remember now. Oh ya, not forgetting those extremely sweetened beverages, extra sugar added milo, ultra extra sugar added coffee. It will be good if we let them know "no sugar ya thank you".

One of the culture we experienced was... in some of the restaurant, they served all the food on our table but only what we ate will be paid. #thinkingaboutwhattodowithleftover

Travel spots:
Lake Toba, Parapat
Bukit Gibeon waterfall swimming pool, swimming pool filled with water from waterfall
Ponot/Siguragura Waterfall
Journey to Samosir Island by ferry (Ajibata Port)
Pusuk Buhit Hill & teletubbies hills
Sianjur Mulamula (Pusuk Buhit foothill)
Efrata Waterfall
Pangururan Samosir
Menara Pandang Tele, Kabupaten Samosir
Sipiso-piso Waterfall
Fruits and Vegetables Market, Berastagi
Si Debuk Debuk Hot Spring, foot of Sibayak Volcano
Sibayak Volcano, Berastagi
Kolam Abadi

Desa Wisata Tomok Parsaoran (Sigale-gale wooden puppet dance)

I kinda miss all the places that I had been to. So close to the nature. 
Out of all, I wish I had spent longer time sitting on those hills with windy weather, having more view on top from the volcano, swimming in very clean and refreshing water, with people I feel comfortable being with. Gosshhh where's next #flyingthought.

There're so many volcanoes, waterfalls, lakes, hills in Indonesia and I'd just been to few. These are some that taken my breath away...

Favourite view #1: Menara Pandang Tele, Kabupaten Samosir

Favourite view #2: Sianjur Mulamula (Pusuk Buhit foothill)

Favourite view #3: Teletubbies hills

Favourite view #4: Pangururan Samosir

Favourite view #5: Sibayak Volcano

Favourite view #6: Journey to Sipiso-piso Waterfall

17-19 degree celsius in Samosir and around Danau Toba. 
I thought it wouldn't be that freezing cold but I was totally wrong especially at night. Well, a lot of physical activities so still not that bad. I went back home and flu attacked for some days. 

Each place has a story to tell. I'm glad that we spent days away from the city, tried to understand their languages and culture, seeing how the children being brought up... I feel so good to be homed after that. 

Thanks to Joe Dermawan, our tourguide for bringing us around. We will miss the Marshmello's song - Alone  all the way, where'd you go - Fort Minor, the repeating unstoppable Bollywood song all the time, those crazy laughter and some stories during the bumpy journey.
You may need his contact if you plan to visit Medan Indonesia - Joe Dermawan, and let him know it's from Shanice. :) 

I shouldn't be dragging so much right. #keepwriting
Can't wait till 2017 May and October!


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