Phuket Thailand: Bachelorette Party in Kata Hi View Resort

Hellooooo! Friends been asking "What have you done in Phuket?"
Okayy honestly... despite this is a pre-planned trip but each of us were so occupied with everything in life, we didn't really spend much time in discussing about where should we go and what should we do (except the amusingly surprise part for our newly wed girlfriend... the Bachelorette Party #somuchlove)

Weekend short escape with my girlfriends is definitely something that I can't wait for. Plus we just can't wait to make her shout (because of the surprise). And she really got no clue about it loll.

So this started with...
Choosing Thailand cause we all love it (within our budget and it's close to us)
Choosing Kata Hi View Resort as the stay
Booking a cake from Ilona Cake.Phuket.
Getting decoration stuffs ready
Some white lies and random plans

I think it started randomly. With co-understanding everything just go with the flow.

Here is part of the decoration on that midnight ♥

with Vicky, Tiffany, Leanne and Sharon

Our Stay:
Kata Hi View Resort
Thanks to Tiffany, she found this beautiful peaceful place
with a dreadful long long staircases to the top
It's just worth it anyway, with that pacifying view

Our room facing all these greens

Kata Beach
Kata Hi View Resort is within walking distance to Kata Beach
Restaurants are all nearby

Happiest with all these

I've forgotten where exactly we had our foods all the time LOL.
Randomly walked into any restaurant cause foods everywhere.
And we have Tiffany here so no worries :) She chose right one.

All time favourite
Papaya Salad!
And mango sticky rice!

Tom Yam
Pad Thai
Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Green Curry

Veggies and fruits are must hahahaaa.

Seafood at Phuket Weekend Night Market (Need a tuk-tuk to go)

 Peanut butter mille crepe is good!

Look who's holding that beer...

What have we done
3 days 2 nights.
And we've visited Promthep Cape in Phuket!

We will just be us in whatever ways.
An we will just accept each other in whatever ways.
And we accommodate each other.
Supporting each other.
HAHAHAAA and bear with each other's bullshits.


The Night
Hen night. Not a party after all.
We already had party all time.
(Like dancing in the Tuk Tuk. Take off clothes at Promthep Cape. Yoga by the beach. What else?)
Seem to be decent girls with wild mind and crazy dreams. Don't judge us hahahaaa.

Nothing is perfect including travel experiences. Nothing will go exactly with the plan. But its just the element of surprise along the way which inject excitement and spontaneity into a trip. Guess we did make the most of it.

Yayy it was a surprise cause she couldn't sense anything.
Everything was ready in time when she went to shower.
Came out for surprise with pajamas HAHAA.
And the cake from Ilona Cake.Phuket. was good! Sooo good! I've gathered sins from the cake. We had half of it in the middle of the night. Sorry fat cells.

Made a simple videos recorded all that we had done, I guess if we all watch this again after 20 years it gonna be something good to laugh at

Song: Landon Austin – Ready for anything

We look out and see the world
It takes everything we have to face it
Without a sound we'll take a step
Inside our hearts are racing

If it takes forever
We'll get there together

I'm winding along this road
Not knowing where you will go
No matter what life brings
If it's you and me
We're ready for anything
Watch you
The clouds go by
Our turn
We'll learn to fly
No matter what life brings
If it's you and me
We're ready for anything

So as we ride into the sun
Sometimes we know we're gonna fall down
Hold my hand and we'll get up
I know we're gonna make it somehow

If it takes forever
We'll get there together

Said goodbye to single life, Yap Yap

It's the little love and sweetness in life that keeps us going.

Girls I know sometimes I do random stuffs without acknowledging you guys.
Like I ran away and disappeared to buy the lighter.
And I know Tiffany going to get slightly mad (cause I'm still mischievous in my own way and I know sometimes this is bad).
Girls I know sometimes I'm quite good at trying to hide how I feel (I assumed I'm, at least I tried but you know I just can't cause everything is on my face).
Still, honestly, I'm still insecure in some way (probably we all are).
Girls I know sometimes I'm terrible but thank you for loving me.


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