View from the top: Hike [Pine Tree Trail, Fraser Hill, Malaysia]

This hike to Fraser Hill via Pine Tree Trail was one of the happy achievement unlocked in 2017.

Started to be so in love with the view from the top since 2015, cause everything is just worth it after a long struggle. Even if there is no breathtaking view, the feeling when getting up to the top is some kind of extraordinary happiness.
Also, the contentment after that physical exhaustion of climbing.
And it feels good to be lost in the right direction. Like you know you will get there, not sure how long it takes, slowly but surely.

Heyyyya to my hiking buddies, cheers to the never ending ideas in getting a place to hike and cheers to those unforgettable picnic time in the jungle. Next hike? - Unknown date. #yougottounderstandhaha Anyway still feeling so blessed to have known you all in life.

So the journey started with a crazy drive up to the Hill from Petaling Jaya. The road is less tortuous than Cameron Highlands, still it was a long journey. Weather was good, made this hike with temperature at about 19 - 22°C a special one. Chilly.

#sneakpeek This is the peak we reached via Pine Tree Trail Fraser Hill after a 7+ hours hike, 1448m above sea level.

 It took a while to reach the entrance of the Pine Tree Trail. We passed by a peaceful town with some nicely built colonial-style buildings. The trail begins at a dead end near a characterful bungalow.

It is a 5.5 km long trail, we took about 7+ hours to reach the peak.

Spotted a scorpion along the route!

Oouchh. The killing long stairway.
Oh ya, I got up with the help of the hiking stick. Can't imagine how tiring my legs gonna be without this. Thanks to Jiang!

This is the tough part of the hike, dangerous steep route. We crossed it anyway! 
And we got down using the same route too.

Keep going going going

Beautiful view from peak of Pine Tree Trail, Fraser Hill. There are actually a lot other natural trails to get to several different peaks.

Finally. Satisfaction.

We got out from the trail right before the rain poured. Quite a bit of lucks isn't :)
Not easy at all. From morning till night. I was actually quite scared.
Slightly late and we will all get stuck in the darkness of jungle. And no one else can be seen along the trail. Just 4 of us. No guidance.
It took awhile to recall how time passed while we're in the jungle. Love this feeling.

Hike: Pine Tree Trail, Fraser Hill, Malaysia
Trail distance: 5.5km
Altitude (above sea level): 1500m
Time: 7-8 hours
On a scale of 1-10, rate the level of challenge:
I can't answer this.

Probably cause along the way there are time where I felt so uncomfortable, it was all depended on the voice that I kept telling myself is okay just a lit bit more to get up to the peak.
And I speeded up when going down from the hill. Cause I was so worried that I would get stuck. It was the fear. And it was also the power of wanting to meet all my favourite persons on the earth once I get down. Love keeps me going. ♥

Another 7-8 hours hike again someday okay?