Last day in Belgium

Spent almost 2 weeks in Gent, Belgium, 10th to 22nd June.
I see that kind of life - for many traveling business persons, life is an endless swirl of flying to many locations to work. And at the same time spending some time to travel and wander around a city. It's having multiple flight experiences, in-flight movies and meals. It's hopping in and out of luxury cars, and staying in hotel without having to worry about what should be prepared for breakfast. It seems to be premiere.

I walked into a glamorous restaurant for dinner the night before I leave the city. I was served with a smart-looking local gentleman, offering some wines and the best choice of meals, trying to communicate with me as much as he could. It's a beautiful, peacefully quiet place and located slightly further away from the chaotic streets. With its 5 stars service, lovely ambiance and attractive plate presentation, it's easy to guess what's on the menu and how much does it cost for a meal. Those who dine in must be from the top class in the society, or probably someone likes me, walked into a place out of a strong sense of curiosity and next, tried to search for the best price of a meal on the menu.
Despite being served well and had great food, I looked out of the window and completely convinced that - I don't feel comfortable being here, alone. I should have walk on the chaotic street, get another Belgium waffles with tissue on the vacant hand to wipe away the chocolate mud on the month after every bite, and enjoy the view of old couples kissing like no one else is watching.

I'm more longing for... A place where me and my loves one could cook lunches and invite people over to my house for a little party. A journey with those who I would share all my street foods so that I wouldn't gain weight, alone. *evilly grinning eheeh*
I think I no longer looking forward to backpacking alone for a long period of time. Maybe I know that my bones no longer allows me to do so. Time... It changes a person's mind. Nothing lasts. :)

This beautiful restaurant... It will only be great when food is shared

It's a fancy place but it does not catch my heart

I'm picturing me and my loved one, by the riverside, under the moonlight, under the sunlight.
It will come true someday. :)


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