Publika Moo Creative Art & 1u workshop

Spent a wonderful Sunday with family, then followed uncle Nicholas, the owner of Moo Creative Art Studio in Publika. In love with the ambience and environment here, relaxing and slow paced. Then since I haven't finished my little random art thing that I want to make today o I decided to go and help again tomorrow. Ahhh some sense of guiltiness cuz I seriously haven't done my work. I mean the Very Important work: (

The feeling of being not cool and then mixed around.. so lively.. it makes me wanna stay there to help despite being guilty. #sweetsunday 

Valentine's day is around the corner ♡

Life is simple... live, laugh, love 

Uncle Nicholas's handmade artworks: 

Then I had my very first experience of helping my uncle out in his workshop in 1utama. SUNDAY is superb crowded and I feel more CNY now. Feeling quite nervous and stressful to teach in front of all their parents and people walking around, asking around..

But it was really a great experience, then I know I need more patient and confident in facing the public.
Hello kids, hope to handle you all again!

Their learning

After that we went back to Publika. 
I'm trying to make Domo! Ev loves it lolll. 
Tomorrow I'll try to make more.

Thank you for this little present, cutee

Good night, tomorrow will be a new day: )