Kinanthropometry lab - mesomorph wanted

Done kinanthropometry lab today. I kinda like this kind of practical stuff. Fun!
The results of my somatotype was out too. 4.0-3.3-3.5. The first number represents endomorph (relative fatness), middle one mesomorph (musculature) and last number ectomorph (relative linearity). Goshhh I really don't want any label of endomorph on myself. I simply can't accept it. I seriously need to cut off some of the shaky fat on my body. Why is it getting harder for me to resist on snacks and desserts?! 

Such a guilty feeling to overslept in the evening. Late evening. But I'm really happy to see nicely packed dinner prepared from a dear friend when I was awakened by a phone call. Awww those organic no meat home-cooked style meal.. Yumm and nice! I always know home-cooked is the best but my cooking mood is not yet on, especially in this little room of the hostel.

Will try to make them a habit kay!