View from the top: Hike [Bukit Batu Chondong, Ampang, Malaysia]

Bukit Batu Chondong

A short hike to Bukit Batu Chondong was the first one in 2018 after a long hiatus. For a beginner like me, this was a pleasant slow hike, peaceful and comfortable as it isn't too crowded especially early in the morning.

It took us about 30-40 minutes to reach the peak, after passing some steep angle descent and crossing through the bamboo forest. Rock formation can be seen along the last few meters of hiking path, which is quite similar to Tabur. A little rope climbing and rock maneuvering are required to get to the viewpoint. It seems to be quite dangerous, but it is the only way to reach the peak.

The space at the peak is limited, it couldn't accommodate more than 15-20 people. There's a lower viewpoint around, we can chill and have a rest there.

A signboard showing the turning and direction to the Batu Asah Waterfall and to the peak of Bukit Batu Chondong is located at the main junction of the trail, so don't have to worry, the possibility of getting lost in this jungle is very low. We chose to skip the waterfall for this time, my body wasn't ready for a longer trail. :')

The stunning view from the top and fresh air worth the battle of the feeling of afraid and wanting to complete the hike. I was never in this much of fear before during a hike and this was the first time! 

This is the scariest part as it had been long since the last time I merely depended on the arm strength and body balancing for a climb. My muscles were trembling!

All that in my mind was "a wrong and weak grip and I gonna fall..."
"I need to try but I'm so scared"
"Okay just a small challenge lets do this"
But it's always true, can't make it without a good friend/ team.

It was about 7.15am when we got up to the peak and we were the first one.

When the sun rises up

Can you spot the tip of the hill behind me?
I was told that that's the Bukit Tabur peak. It looks so cute here!
No breathtaking sunrise hues as it is blocked.

Bukit Batu Chondong - the most challenging part of a hike

Never deny that hiking makes people feel good.
Because there're paths that I can't figure out in life. 
There're difficulties, challenges, and doubts that are hard to be resolved - which then defeated me and, I lost faith in believing that I able to overcome them. 

But being in the woods/ jungles or crossing every path during a hike, it soothes my mind.
The feeling of being able to sort out the way to get up to the peak with like-minded people charged me. The sense of accomplishment after a few hours journey, it gives a huge lot of contentment, even though it is brief. I have to keep reminding myself - good things take time. It takes beyond few hours journey.

I connect with my group of funny and crazy friends who taught me that "LIFE IS SHORT, LET IT BE AND YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, LET'S HAVE FUN". Conversations on trails or on the tops of mountains are more relaxed and honest. I feel okay to be discovered, or, disclosed, mentally.
I met many elderly during a hike, some are couples. They are sweet.
And yea, my boyfriend and I found our similar interests through a hike.

Nothing beats the indescribable feeling when breathing in crisp, fresh mountain air.
To conquer the fear needs lots of preparation. I definitely am not ready for Rinjani or Bromo or what so ever crazy long hiking trails, physically. Gonna visit the path that I'd been to, again!


Hike: Bukit Batu Chondong, Ampang, Malaysia
Altitude (above sea level): 260m
Trail distance: 2km
Time: 30 minutes
Level of challenge: For beginners - dangerous at the last 50m before reaching the peak
(compared with Broga Hill - approximately 400m above sea level, trail distance 1.7km, 30-40 minutes hike)

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