Lazy Breakfast Mix-and-Match Recipe

I've been inspired to collect moments - not only those adventurous ones in the jungle or the sea but also my food moments. They're all some kind of effortless meals with least preparation, most importantly they look good, and yum!

I have this kind of addiction over mix-and-match things - like this.
Me and my gorgeous housemate been making overnight oats for quite some time, and when I've got no time, or merely too lazy for just a simple overnight oat, I opt for some lazy breakfasts. All I have to do is, do the cutting and that's it!

Lazy Breakfast Mix-and-Match Recipe
Berries and oat crisp with milk

Lazy Breakfast Mix-and-Match Recipe
Granolas, dried strawberries & cranberries and bananas with milk 

To prepare a breakfast mix-and-match bowl, there're a lot of options for you to choose from, based on the type of nutrients sources. You can customise yours! 

Carbohydrate base [2 tablespoons]
Instant oats
Rolled oats
Cereal/ oat crisps

Milk base [Half cup]
Full cream milk (higher in the total amount of fat)
Low-fat milk (lower in the total amount of fat)
Fat free milk (No significant amount of fat)
Unsweetened soy milk (for lactose intolerant)
Formula milk (based on personal health condition)
Yogurt/ Greek Yogurt (Thicker texture)

Fibre base (Fresh fruits or vegetables) [Half cup]
- Berries
- Grape
- Apple
- Banana
- Avocado (Heart-healthy fat)
- Guava (It's the top sources of vitamin C!)
- Passion fruits

Why berries?
Because of its antioxidants😋

My previous post mentioned about antioxidants and anticancer properties in mandarin. 

_ Goji berries
_ Blueberries
_ Elderberries
_ Red berries
(cranberries, strawberries)
_ Blackberries

Nuts or seeds [1-3 tablespoons]
- Almond
- Cashew nut
- Walnut/ Pecan
- Brazil nut
- Flaxseeds
- Chia seeds (Love this!)
- Black sesame powders
- White sesame seeds

Optional (dried fruits) [1 tablespoon]
- Dates
- Goji berries
- Raisins

Optional (other) [1-2 teaspoons]
- Honey

Lazy Breakfast Mix-and-Match Recipe
Fruits, chia seeds, white sesame seeds and black sesame powder with yogurt

Lazy Breakfast Mix-and-Match Recipe
Avocado and banana

Lazy Breakfast Mix-and-Match Recipe
This is good match too

My usual choices are
- 2 tablespoons of instant oats + granolas
- half cup of low-fat milk/ formula milk
- 1 banana/ half cup of apple (I will definitely go for berries if I able to get them with good price)
- 3 tablespoons of chia seeds + cashew nuts + black sesame powders
- 1 tablespoon of raisin (or 1-3 dates)

Love it! Never get bored of them.

It's the best thing ever for a person who is always lazy to go out for breakfast, for people who stay alone and don't really enjoy eating alone outside, for morning or tea-time snack to be brought over to the office, or for nomad who always travel to places where it's hard to find food.

I read this article "Why Eating Alone May Be Bad for You" from TIMEIt’s possible to draw a causal link between eating alone and increase in weight, right?