Camping 102: Bernam Nature Hut, Hulu Bernam, Ulu Selangor - That's the way to recharge


I typed a long long post about this but I lost it :(
So I'm going to keep it really short now.

My second camping in 2021 was at Bernam Nature Hut, Hulu Bernam, with preparation done by old friends @yiju_camp. So thankful for the service. It really saved a lot of preparation time and we only have to bring along foods and personal items!

A few things that're making this camping unforgettable...

It is drizzling most of the time, just one good luck that the first day wasn't bad. So thankful that we managed to get home before the place is flooded. #wishalldisastersgooffasap #besafe 

Again it is all the songs and the sound of the nature (cuz the tents are just next to the river) that soothe our souls. Perfect match. 💙

I made a video out of it because sometimes I'm out of words. One day we look back we are going to be so thankful that we have created silly memories like this. 

Not an expert in BBQ so... I burnt the corns. 😌

Raining all the time on the second day

Vicky's baby is not afraid of the freezing cold water at all ❤

It's also a food adventure!

Cheese Platter by Tiff (she's using Brie cheese, a soft and creamy cheese)

Fav for a BBQ :)

And Big Breakfast the next morning

Cupcakes by Tiff and surprises #thankful ❤

That's our way to recharge.
是给平凡生活带来dopamine and serotonin的小插曲
世界一直在改变 我们会变得更有像自己的样子
不求功成名立 但一定要快乐

#BeStrong #ToBeKind