Camping 101: Sojuk Riverside - Was really living in the present

Camp site @ Sojuk Riverside

Camping has always been in my to-do list for 2021. And by chance... I joined Leanne and her friends to Sojuk Riverside for a two-days escape. I was bringing zero expectation, it turned out to be a memorable one. Sojuk Riverside is located at Batang Kali, Selangor. It costs RM50 per camp site, if we do not want to clean the trash we created ourselves, the person-in-charge will take care of them with a fee of RM10 per camp site.

Sojuk Riverside just started to operate in end 2020 
There is a river just right beside the camp site

Camp site @ Sojuk Riverside 

What's making it memorable was...

  1. The two days of drizzling plus a period of heavy rain with thunderstorms, and we only have one waterproof groundsheet for 2 tents (What an experience)
  2. The random lofi and jazz music and favourite songs from a really nice speaker among the greens 
  3. The sound of the nature and the beautiful sky where we lied down rolled over and looked up (You really got to try it once! It will be even better if it's a starry starry night)
  4. The open space shower area without door (There is only one bathroom with closed door and only two toilet)
  5. No plug for phone charging, the electricity supply is merely from a small wooden cottage, social media disconnection
  6. The random conversations with strangers
  7. The outdoor cooking sessions (It was really fun and all the foods taste really good!)
  8. There is a distance between the camp site and the toilet, waking up in the middle of the night with the urge of wanting to pee is suffering (the weather got cold after 3am)

Thank you D for the nice shots :)

Nature and music are definitely perfect match

I've got volleyball with us! That's the childhood memories :P

BBQ during camping is mandatory

Perfectly barbequed!

Big Breakfast

A nice scrambled eggs could be added with sweetened condensed milk. I was so hesitated to add that in but I got convinced that I have to try it out LOL. It turned out to be good :)

There is a video of the making of this chao mian 😆

Making perfect pancakes to the perfect texture and shape need a lot of patience.
Having breakfast like this can really brighten up the whole day 💛

This was from the abang who stayed in this camp site. I was surprised because I only chatted with him twice in 2 days. Anyway I've got one of my favourite comfort foods. Thank you stranger.

Thank to friend's friends, I've learned what to prepare for an adventurous camping (not glamping) in the future. I think they don't mind me sharing the secret recipes here... 

  • Camp & Water resistant groundsheet
  • Sleeping bag/ Camping mat/ Yoga mat (to be placed inside the camp)
  • BBQ stove & BBQ utensils
  • Torchlight/ Camping light/ Decoration light/ Battery
  • Gas Stove/ Lighter/ Cookware/ Kettle
  • Cutlery/ Plate/ Bowl/ Cup
  • Essential cooking seasoning and flavouring
  • Dishwashing gel & sponge & unwanted clothes to wipe things
  • Camping table & chair set
  • Tissue paper
  • Rubbish bags
  • Rope to hang clothes & towel/ Hanger
  • Ice box/ Food container
  • Mineral water
  • Personal care items (clothes, towels etc)/ Mosquito repellent
  • Powerbank (the more the merrier)

Sojuk Riverside is just less than 10 minutes drive from World of Phalaenopsis. It is the largest Phalaenopsis orchid producer offering the widest range of colors with thousands of blooms everyday. There is a lovely cafe in there, a hidden cafe that let us dine among beautiful orchids. The menu is with limited food choices for main course, but it is a nice place to chill and to enjoy coffee or other beverages, and it serves cakes as well. I should bring my mom here because she is a plant lover.

Was really living in the present

It feels so 'clean' to detach from things and to regain mindfulness in life, to have a pause and to reflect, to continue counting blessings and be grateful for whatever that comes into our lives.